Solfine is a new opportunity for the global Hair Care market. 100% researched, developed and produced in Italy, the line comes in practical packaging that uses simple, clear graphics with impactful colours, giving life to a series of unique products able to meet the service needs of today’s hair salon. Simplicity of use and professionalism have never been more in tune with each other.

Entirely made in Italy, Solfine is a professional product line for the hair and scalp that has been conceived and developed to simply and completely support all Technical, Care and Styling services.

Solfine stands out for the high quality of its components and for its gentle formulas and effective performance. It is a research concept geared towards the development of extremely versatile and gentle products.

The segmentation has taken into account all the service needs of a salon with a small number of SKUs, for optimised inventory control.

Well-established formulas and very high quality products to satisfy needs and achieve the desired results for every service.

Excellent results and a very good value for the price.

CLEAN ENERGY AND PROTECTION OF RESOURCES The manufacturing plant only uses clean energy from renewable resources produced by the power plants of the Gruppo Dolomiti Energia, offsetting all CO2 emissions from natural gas through voluntary adhesion to the Kyoto protocol. The plant is equipped with a water purification system that makes it possible to reduce waste and avoid the use of unsustainable chemical products. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used and hybrids have been chosen as company cars. In the offices, only non-bleached recycled paper is used and preference is given to FSC-certified paper for marketing communication.

CERTIFIED QUALITY The manufacturing plant is multi-certified to the Quality Management Systems of the International Organization for Standardization: ISO 9001 (Quality Management System); ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System); ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics); OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, which identifies an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems).